HRGI Ambrosia Celebration

HRGI Ambrosia Celebration is an Annual Function of the HRGI Group.  Ambrosia means ‘Amrit’ or ‘Food of Gods’.  As its name symbolises, it is being celebrated every year by the IInd year students to welcome the freshers.

Ambrosia 2012-13


This year  Ambrosia was celebrated on 8th September, 2012.  This is celebrated with zeal and vigour  with a view  to spreading a feeling of friendship and cooperation among students and also to ward off the menace of ragging and indiscipline.  It has been observed on the campus that by organizing “Ambrosia” every year, fruitful results are achieved.  During Ambrosia Celebration 2012-13 a number of activities were performed by the Ist year students like participating in Mr. & Ms. Fresher contest and their performance is judged by senior faculty members.  Chairman, Er. Anil Agrawal, HRGI presided over  the function along with his wife.
Mr. Shagun, student of HRIHM and Ms. Deepanshu Tripathi & group in Solo Dance showed extraordinary talent on this occasion.  Ms. Tanu, student of HRIHM, gave her special dance performance.  Mr. Raj Kumar, student of HRIHM, sang a Bhojpuri song on this occasion, which was very much appreciated by the students.
Following students were declared: