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HRGI Journal Research
HRGI Journal of Research is a bi-annual referred Research Journal published by the HRCT Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad under the Chief Editorship of Professor S.D. Sharma. The main aim of the Journal is to promote frontal research by the faculty in the areas of engineering and technology, management, computer application, information technology, pharmacy, hotel management, language communication, phonetics, semantics and language pathology.

The maiden issue of the Journal viz. Vol. I. No. 1 (July-Dec.2009) contained 55 research papers from diverse fields of computer science application, ICT, electronics and communication engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, pharmacy, management, applied science including physics, mathematics, chemistry, professional communication, language, phonetics, semantics, linguistics etc.,
Vol. I, No. II (Jan-June 2010); Vol. II, No. 1 (July-Dec., 2010); and Vol. II, No. 2 (Jan-June 2011) have been published carrying approximately 62 research papers authored by well-known researchers on the latest breakthroughs in their specialized fields of research. Further issues of the Journal are in progress. The Journal has hitherto received favourable and encouraging responses from all sides.

Vol. III, No. 5 (July-December, 2012) contains 10 research papers authored by 19 eminent researches and academicians.  Vol. III, No. 6 (January-June, 2012) also contains 14 scholarly research papers contributed by top-notch scientists, Professors and other management professionals.  Till now the volumes have covered over 850 printed page. (July- December, 2013) Vol. IV, No. 7 (July- December, 2013)  and  Vol. IV, No. 8 (January-June,2013) will be published soon. The HRGI Journal  of Research is widely acclaimed in academic circles. 

All Volumes of HRGI Journal
1.    HRGIJR – Vol. I, No.1 (Maiden Issue –July – December, 2009). pp . 1 - 348
2.    HRGIJR – Vol. I, No.2  (January-June, 2010) pp . 349 – 450
3.    HRGIJR – Vol. II, No.1 (July – December, 2010)pp . 451 – 552
4.    HRGIJR – Vol. II, No.2 (January – June, 2011) pp . 553 – 654
5.    HRGIJR – Vol. III, No.5 (July – December, 2011) pp . 655 – 756
6.    HRGIJR – Vol. III, No.6 (January – June, 2012) pp .757 - 860