1. T&P invites various companies for the final year students and also takes care about the profile of the company and makes the student aware about it. However, students should also verify the credibility of such companies at their own.

2. There will be no money transaction for placement. If anybody is found involved in such activity, HRIT will not own any responsibility.

3. The eligibility criteria will be shared with students in advance as required by the company.

4. Students can avail as many opportunities as they desire to participate in company drives till final selection.

5. If any student already selected in any company, will not be allowed to participate in another opportunity until & unless:

   a. There is a package difference of minimum 30% per annum
   b. There is a major change in job description/ profile

6. Terms and Conditions of the company, during placement process or after selection will be with selected students and the company.

7. It is expected that a student should not add any ambiguous/wrong/fraudulent/misleading information in his/her resume. Resume checks will continue throughout the placement process. If, on verification, any discrepancy is found, the student will be de-barred from placement process.

8. HEAD T&P has the discretion not to allow any student to appear in the recruitment drive if found involved in any misconduct or indiscipline.

9. If any eligible students does not apply or appears in three placement consecutive drives, it will be presumed that he/she is not interested to get placement through Institute.

10. Any student not interested for placement; should give his intent in writing to T&P. or