We have arranged PURPLE LEAP classes for our MCA students to develop their overall personality so that they can enhance their skills and improve their personality to get the better opportunity in the industry. Developing technical expertise in chosen field's specialty is a necessary commitment. Along with this, however, the significance of learning corporate etiquettes and developing personality through psychological training and communication skills cannot be underplayed. Keeping this view in mind, we organize specialized Personality Development Program for all our students to sharpen their personality traits, improve their presentation skills & groom them to become positive thinkers, proactive, successful professionals and useful members of society.

Conducting tutorial classes has always been considered a challenge. There is a tendency among the students to copy the tutorials and submit them as such. We discuss an effective and simple approach to conduct Tutorial classes effectively. Building up team spirit and creation of a well-knit and effective team is a slow and difficult process.

IT Club

The Purpose of the IT club is to cultivate academic mind through the help of technologies and to enhance their IT skills. The IT Club promotes and organizes IT related workshops, events and seminars. IT club Conduct IT workshop for students, Outdoor activities for the IT club members and bring a better and active social life to MCA students.

Past IT Club Activities: Following are few of events organized by the IT club:

  • I.Q challenges on IT
  • Android Workshop
  • Web page Development Workshop
  • IP Addressing and Networking Basics
  • Build a Website and Blog
  • A Workshop on Digital Marketing


The primary aim of these workshops is to bring technical knowledge of the industry in academics. These workshops are constructive for all the students who is in quest for placement. The entire session of these workshops usually covers two parts-Theory and Practical session.

  • We have conducted IBM DB2 Workshop. Responses from students were good. Feedback gathered from this event will help us to make improvements in the future.
  • One day workshop on “C and java ” conducted by Apple Tree Company was organized to enhance their programming skills.
  • Also One day workshop on “cloud computing ” conducted by Sales force Systems was organized to enhance technical Knowledge.
  • MCA dept. Of H.R Institute of Technology organized two day workshop on “cyber security” with collaboration of i2 infotech to nourish the students as per the industry requirement.


HRIST has an excellent computer course SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT certified by IIT BOMBAY. This certificate of excellence is awarded to the group of BCA/BBA Students after rigorous evaluation of entire lab infrastructure in terms of software, hardware and network.

Our computer labs are well equipped to impart practical training to students on latest hardware and software and conduct ONLINE exams of SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT.

This program involves Audio-Video tutorials to teach software and it is useful to learn Open Source Software independently. It promotes spoken tutorials also.

Debugging Competition

Debugging competition was also conducted in with 11 teams took part. The competition was made successful with the help from members of IT club and also other friends who helped out.


We organize Deepotsav mela every year for the students. Various activities like cultural activities(singing, dancing),Poster competition,mehndi competition,rangoli competition were conducted and the students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal.